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The Grill Dads

The Grill Dads Apron

The Grill Dads Apron

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Look out, because here we come! Stay clean and fresh in our new incredibly comfortable and more importantly - strikingly fashionable - The Grill Dads Official Apron. Complete with The Grill Dads OG Varsity script - once you wear this cover-up... there's no grill you won't be able to master and no cuisine you won't be able to perfect.

If Superman and Batman could choose which cape to wear - they'd choose this apron. It's time to save the world - one glorious outdoor cook at a time. Available in two epic colors; Blue Clean Smoke Denim and Straight from the Coals Black. You must choose, but choose wisely. Oh who are we kidding - go ahead and buy them both! That's the best choice by far. :)  

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