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The Grill Dads

The Grill Dads 1975 Patch Hat

The Grill Dads 1975 Patch Hat

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Style #13: Zeus, Red, White & Blue

Inspired by the head honcho himself - Zeus - this is the patch to rule all other patches. #13, once thought of as an unlucky number - has henceforth become a symbol for “holy shit I’m the luckiest person in the world!” So wear this patch with pride, authority and good taste. And remember, Zeus loves you and loves America. Fuck yeah. 


Style #4: Hermes, Black & Grey

This patch, Dubbed the Hermes Patch - is sure to get you noticed at your next PTA meeting. Fashioned from golden lambs flaxen wool - #4 will bring you great joy and tidings of perfectly cooked steak and charred veggies.

Just remember, as the messenger - you are responsible for spreading the gospel of The Grill Dads. Now go forth and tell the unknown Universe.  


Style #7: Apollo, Black & White

Named after the Sun God Apollo - Patch Style #7 will separate you from all mere mortals. Once you wield this patch, things will happen to you beyond your wildest dreams. Fortune, fame, romance, food . . . you will have it all when you adorn this woven item.

But beware - because you will need to measure yourself after receiving all this success. So sit down, be humble. Am I right? 

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